shooting Captain America: New World Order offers us the first images of two of his key figures: Harrison Fordwho makes his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Thunderbolt Ross, and Tim Blake Nelsonwho returns to the franchise as Samuel Stearns.

Both actors are dressed in clothes that match their characters. Harrison Ford as Thunderbolt Ross, he is wearing a suit and tie because in this production he is the President of the United States. Tim Blake, for his part, is a cell biologist, so he wears a more informal style. The curious thing about Blake Nelson’s images is his right hand: it’s green.

You must remember that Samuel Stearns At first they tried to find a cure for Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo/Hulk). However, during this process, Banner’s blood entered the wound on Stearns’ head. This increased his mental capacity but also changed his personality. This is the origin of the one who later assumes the identity of the villain known as the Leader.

Harrison Ford and Tim Blake Nelson
on set captain america 4

For his part, Harrison Ford is taking on the role left William Hurtwho passed away in 2022. In the mythology of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and comics, Thunderbolt Ross is a figure that moves between two worlds: he looks after the national interests, but also the personal ones. To this is added a feature, the ability to turn into Red Hulk.

Unlike the Leader, a recognized villain, the Red Hulk acts as an anti-hero. Therefore, it is possible that the paths of both characters will cross during Captain America: New World Order and defend opposite positions. For actor Tim Blake Nelson, this film will be a return to the franchise after visiting The incredible Hulkreleased in 2008.

Next, we share images published by the portal Just Jared:

captain america 4 is directly related to the events of the series Falcon and Winter Soldier. In that, Sam Wilson take on the mantle of Captain America. Although this character played Anthony Mackiehe already got a shield from Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) V Avengers: Endgamedid not immediately accept his new status.

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Captain America: New World Order scheduled for release May 3, 2024. Given the political tone, Falcon and Winter Soldier was towards the end of the series, it is likely that this factor is also one of the axes in the film. However, nothing has been confirmed about this yet. The latest news about this production is related to the return of Liv Tyler as Betty Ross.

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