Mavic was ready from the very first tests to marking C1 of the European regulation. Then the Mavic 3 it also sent the electronic EASA ID provided for drones above C0. In Italy, the Mavic 3 marked C1 can forever be included in the A1 subcategory of the Open Category. This is the way uninformed people are not expected to fly over. When this happens, it helps to reduce overflight times. As long as the pilotcertificate A1/A3.

If the Mavic 3 it is not marked class can be transferred to A3 forever. With an expected distance of at least 150 m from residential and industrial areas etc. Alternatively, it can be run in the A2 limited until December 2023 with 50 m distance from uninformed people. In addition, with A2 certificate for the pilot. After that, it can only be brought to A3. In simpler words, the C1 mark is important for performing activities in urban scenarios. A way to properly study what to do to prevent uninformed people flying over.

The Mavic 3 got the certification C1 through the body of TÜV Rheinland. To get the C1 mark, the following changes have been made:

To have the C1 mark, the firmware. Here it is DJI stated that it is possible to do the marking for free retroactivity for those with an unmarked Mavic 3. To get the C1 mark, you need to provide the serial number of the drone and do a firmware update. There is no going back after marking and updating the firmware. DJI has the future goal of getting markings for drones today and others in the future.

Source: Lega Nerd

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