the president Pedro Sanchez stated on September 13 in an interview with RTVE that, apart from one zombie invasionThe Spanish government has had to face many unprecedented situations in recent years. And how right you are. A global pandemic, a storm that left much of the country covered in snow, a volcanic eruption… There were many unusual catastrophes he had to face in this legislature. It makes sense that he was joking about zombies, but the truth is that in other countries this doesn’t seem all that unlikely.

Going no further USA has its own guide on how to survive the zombie apocalypse. This includes data such as items you must have emergency kita list of contacts that should always be at hand or certain design methods evacuation route.

In fact, developing a plan of action in a zombie emergency is quite an extreme exercise. But if you let your imagination run wild, what would zombies be like if they really existed? Or rather, what will happen to them? There are many virusas well as others pathogenic microbes, which can cause diseases with symptoms similar to those of fictional zombies. But two are particularly striking: the rabies virus and protozoal toxoplasmosis.

Zombie apocalypse emergency kit

Before talking about pathogens that can provoke a zombie apocalypse, it is worth remembering the measures against these creatures planned USA.

According to him Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), emergency kit before the zombie apocalypse This should include water, non-perishable foods, medicines, tools and supplies such as a knife or battery-powered radio, hygiene products such as soap, bleach or towels, and bedding and personal clothing. In addition, important documents, such as an identity card or driver’s license, should be on hand. You never know when you might need it.

As for the quantity, it is also important. For example, in the case of water, there should be one gallon per day for each person. Or, what is the same, a little over 3.7 liters.

Also arrange a meeting point with friends and family and plan the evacuation so that nothing is left to chance when the zombies arrive.

zombie rabies virus

Speaking of zombies and what they would be like in real life, one should inevitably think about the rabies virus, primarily because its symptoms, when the disease is already sufficiently advanced, very similar to zombies.

This is a virus that affects the central nervous systemcausing fatal encephalitis in 100% of cases. Fortunately, there is a very effective vaccine that can be given during the incubation period, before the disease manifests itself. In this case, the probability of salvation is very high.

Symptoms begin in the same way as with the flu, with fever, weakness and headache. However, once the disease begins to progress and reaches the central nervous system, behavioral symptoms appear. Infected people appear confusion, anxiety, hallucinations, paralysis and violent behavior.

The latter, in fact, is the way the virus spreads. Among its owners there are common animals, such as dogs, whose aggressive behavior is usually accompanied by bites. Virus particles are found in saliva. Therefore, the more violence, the more bites and the better the pathogen will spread. Let’s not forget that zombies infect their victims through bites, so we have another reason for comparison.

Another important symptom in this respect is hydrophobia. Patients with the rabies virus often show a reluctance to drink water. This also encourages the pathogen to multiply, as saliva will be diluted with water, and fewer viral particles will be transmitted with each bite.

It should be noted that all these symptoms begin after Incubation period which can vary from more than a week to a year. At this time, there is still time for a vaccine or antibody-based treatment. After this incubation period, there was only one case in history when a person survived.

Near Jeanne Guisse, a 15-year-old girl bitten by a bat in Wisconsin, USA, in 2004. Her mother washed the wound with hydrogen peroxide and did not attach much importance to this. However, after 37 days, the young woman began to show symptoms of the rabies virus. When she was taken to the hospital, the doctors who treated her decided to induce a coma. So perhaps his immune system could be fully engaged in fighting off the infection before it reaches the brain and reaches the fatal phase.

After seven days, during which antiviral drugs were administered, Zhanna woke up from a coma fully recovered. It is still not known exactly how he was saved. The idea is that by putting his brain into this resting state, he protected himself so that his own body would fight the disease. However, it is also believed that her immune system may have been specially primed to fight rabies, or that she has been infected. weaker version of the virus.

What is clear is that the symptoms of the zombies in the films indicate that they may have had a rabies-like virus, but not exactly. It is enough to see that it took Jeanne more than a month for the symptoms to appear, and for some people it takes a whole year. In the movies, as soon as a zombie bites a person, the person is automatically lost. It could be a mutated rabies virus, but let’s leave the imagination for now and look at the next option.

The simplest that turns you into a puppet

Toxoplasmosis is usually thought of as a disease that only affects pregnant women, but it’s much more than that. The simplest causing it Toxoplasma gondii, is a true master of mind control. Although he has no conscience, logically.

Their preferred hosts are cats. It is in your body that it reproduces best; therefore, although it infects other species, its main goal is to get to them. For this reason, when he comes to nervous system of their hosts, manipulates them to deliver it to its destination. For example, it has been observed that infected mice are attracted to smell of cat urine. And they don’t run away when one of them approaches, as you might expect. Thus, they become easy prey for those kittens who do not know that deep down they are the victim of a greater evil. Something similar happens with chimpanzees, who have they lose all fear of leopards.

In the case of a person, the disease often goes unnoticed. Only developing fetuses are especially vulnerable, so pregnant women have a great fight against the disease. But even then, some people may also have symptoms. And they may be related to increased aggressiveness and lack of impulsive control. It has even been found to be associated with some psychotic outbursts.

So we might consider this protozoan as another good zombie maker. The result isn’t quite as rage-like, but we’re really here to present. Because no, zombies, as they are described in movies and literature, do not exist. In principle, Pedro Sanchez can sleep peacefully.

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