In Italy 3.5 million people suffer from diabetes mellitus. They live on continuous insulin injections several times a day. Here comes an alternative to taking the blood sugar regulating hormone. This one new method it requires a lot of experience and a daily availability of needles and syringes. Some Canadian researchers made one oral tablet based on insulin that allows the same absorption function as injection. The experiment only took place on mice.

It should be taken into account that theinsulin it is difficult to take orally. We speak of a egg white which is consumed when it passes between the stomach and intestines before being absorbed by the liver. This is why scientists have thought of a hiring option. It’s a tablet soluble between gums and cheek. An area filled with microcapillaries that allows the drug to bypass the digestive system and then enter the blood. An effective way to get it absorbed by the liver without being ruined.

Another advantage of the innovative method is that the insulin in the tablet is absorbed in just half an hour and remains active for two to four hours. The tablet has the advantage of eliminating the impact on the cost and use of contaminating syringes and needles. The next step is the application of the tablet to humans.

Source: Lega Nerd

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