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The reality of DGT B-badged cars in 2023 isn’t as bad as they say


The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has a great mission: to reduce the number of traffic accidents by improving standards and road safety. What if driver’s license, what if labelwhat if fines, etc. Their work never stops, which is why they spend a day updating it.

As part of the work DHT There is also an environmental label that lists how badly our car pollutes according to a number of parameters that choose the label we wear in our car (not too fair for the vast majority of drivers).

As you know, label B is the least environmentally friendly according to DGTwhich is why they have been canceling permits for some time now, increasing taxes due and setting higher rates (such as ITV). This has nothing to do with road safety, it’s an environmental issue.

We have always been told that “B” marked cars and vans will lose their right to circulate, starting with cities with low emission zones. What is true about this in mid-2022 and beyond?


VIDEO: Don’t get confused, these are DGT labels

Label B will be able to distribute without problems in 2023 cities

Vehicles marked B are vehicles with a yellow decal on the windshield. Includes petrol cars and vans registered between 2000 and 2006 and diesel cars registered between 2006 and 2014.

As recalled in Autobild, In the specific case of Madrid, cars with a B sticker can enter the low emission zone, but are not allowed to park on the street. (the color of the region does not matter). To be able to park your car, you must go to the public car park.

At that time, in Barcelona at the moment there are no restrictions for vehicles with this eco-labelso they can drive up and park on the street. There are no penalties for this.

What can be done in 2023 if you have a car with a B eco-label remains to be seen in cities in the low emission zone, but it’s normal that they followed the example of Madrid and Barcelona. Of course, things will be bad for DGT in the future.

Source: Computer Hoy

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