Sleeping is perhaps one of the most beautiful things in life, especially after a tiring day. But do you wake up refreshed and feel ready to live another day?

Many factors play a role in sleep quality, and one thing that can affect your quality is the position you sleep in.

See expert tips for choosing best sleeping position.

Is there a correct sleeping position?

The right position is one where you feel comfortable, does not cause muscle pain, and most importantly, gives you quality sleep. But some positions are better than others, and there are even contraindications.

If you have chronic pain, seek medical advice so that together we can discuss the ideal position for you.

Which position do you prefer?

Research cited on The Conversation website (which publishes the experts’ texts) shows that we all sleep in three positions in various ways: sideways, on our stomachs, and on our backs.

One of these studies, involving 664 people, showed that we generally prefer the lateral position.

However, despite the preference, the position we choose may not be the most suitable and factors such as weight, age and even pregnancy should be considered before choosing an ideal position.

Sleeping on your side can be a good option for those with apnea.

How to choose a sleeping position?

Certain positions are better for preventing reflux, back pain, and neck and spine problems, according to Rachel Salas, an associate professor in the department of neurology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Therefore, you should consider your health conditions and comfort.

Choose your new sleeping position

If you see in the list below that another position might be more beneficial for you, don’t feel compelled to change. However, if you decide to try it, it may take some time to get used to the change of position. Do not give up!

Check out the Sleep Foundation’s tips for choosing a position that can offer you better quality sleep and less painful nights at dawn:

learn to wake up well

– Lying on your side: According to research, sleeping on your side can be beneficial for spinal alignment, as well as reducing symptoms of heartburn, stomach reflux and sleep apnea. It is the most suitable position for pregnant women and the elderly.

you can even give above using pillows to make the position even more comfortable.

Despite everything, chosen party makes the difference. Preferably choose to sleep on it Left sideespecially if you are pregnant or have stomach reflux. This position promotes blood circulation and helps reduce heartburn and reflux.

According to the doctor. This position, supported by Salas and Sleep Foundation articles, should be avoided by people who have pain in their shoulders, hips, or are concerned about wrinkles and acne.

– Sleep on your stomach: To the sadness of many, it is not recommended to sleep on your stomach, as it helps relieve back and neck pain, creates compression and misalignment in the spine.

The combination of a very soft mattress, high pillow and prone position is a recipe for muscle pain and a bad night’s sleep.

But all is not lost, this position can be an ally for people with apnea because it allows for better opening of the airways, just like the lateral position.

If you insist on sleeping in this position, choose a thicker mattress and use a thin pillow or sleep without it. So your spine and neck will suffer less.

– Lie on your back: Enemy of apnea and pregnant women, but best friend of back pain sufferers. The back position can help people who are worried about back pain, neck pain, stuffy nose, acne and wrinkles.

Pregnant women, reflux, apnea, obese, elderly and people with clinical conditions requiring spinal intervention should avoid this position.

As we mentioned earlier, sleep quality depends on several factors and perhaps simply changing positions is not enough. Using pillows to help maintain position, changing mattress density, and practicing sleep hygiene can also contribute to better nights.

By making the necessary adjustments and following the tips, you can achieve a significant gain in sleep and waking quality. There is nothing better than waking up refreshed and refreshed.

Source: Tec Mundo

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