The Symptoms That Reveal tension with regard to the state of captivity in animals they roll off the tongue, dangle from the head, and other signs of irritation. Here’s a new study explaining that ungulates are more sensitive to stress in captivity. These are animals such as giraffes, pigs and sheep.

The study is an English study in which experts have redefined animal captivity standards by identifying which ungulates they need more attention. What does captivity mean to an animal? In conservation programs, captivity is key to the conservation of the species. On the other hand, keeping an animal captive does not help its nature, on the contrary, it humiliates it. It means that that particular species is being stripped of its dignity.

The problem of captivity is not easy to face and solve in a short time. The study examined the behavior of more than 15,000 individuals from 38 ungulates. He is facing stress factors such as the environment, diet, social structure, eating habits and mating. Browsing is a eating behavior as to animals that eat leaves, shoots or fruits from tall trees. The most endangered species are camels, giraffesrhinoceroses.

Other stress brittle ungulates in captivity are those with promiscuous breeding. Animals tend to mate with the greatest number of animals such as buffalo, yaks, sheep And pigs. The study was and will be helpful in identifying the species that more readily exhibit stereotyped behavior. Already from the diet and mating we can understand whether the animal needs more attention when placed in captivity. However, there is still a long way to go in terms of captivity.

Source: Lega Nerd

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