Denuvo Perhaps the biggest headache for users is anti-piracy software. gamers in recent years. Especially for those who usually play with a PC. The utility made headlines several times for negatively impacting the performance of many popular games such as death loop, Resident Evil 8: The Village D tomb Raiderby the way, now preparing to move to Nintendo Switch.

Irdeto, the firm behind Denuvo, has announced new technology designed specifically for gaming on the Nintendo handheld console. Called the Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection, this anti-piracy solution, according to the developers, prevent emulation of titles from a computer. And it promises to do it without affecting performance from this. Will it really be so?

Details on how the system will be implemented are almost non-existent, as are the games in which it will be implemented. “By preventing piracy on Switch and blocking unauthorized emulations on PC, studios can increase their revenue during game launch, which is the most important period in terms of monetization,” they said.

The creators of Denuvo also stated that the anti-piracy software “integrates seamlessly […]without compromising gameplay.” Without a doubt, this is a rather ambitious statement, especially considering that the predecessors are not very encouraging in this regard.

Denuvo anti-piracy software on the way to Nintendo Switch

Whether the new Denuvo technology for Switch is part of a Nintendo express order or if the Japanese corporation is not involved in the development is unknown. It is understood that handheld game developers You can enable it or not.but among the public has already established itself as a not very popular option.

Let’s not forget that in recent years this technology has often been in the spotlight for the most undesirable reasons. Performance issues experienced by PC games that implement it have prompted some studios to take drastic action. In 2020, Capcom removed it from Devil May Cry 5; while in 2021 Amplitude Studios did the same in humanity.

In the case of the Nintendo Switch, it remains to be seen how far Denuvo’s influence will go, regardless of the potential performance hit. For example, in November of last year, this utility caused several PC games to freeze throughout the weekend.

As discussed at the time, the issue was related to an expired domain that prevented video games from connecting to Denuvo’s servers. Thus, without running a piracy check, users could not play. Among the victims were Football Manager 2022, Mortal Kombat 11, Planet Zoo D tomb Raider.

“At Denuvo, we understand that piracy has a negative impact on the video game industry, and we are working to ensure that parties have the latest protection technologies available. Our team is pleased to provide a solution to help developers and publishers combat this problem.” Nintendo Switch,” said Reinhard Blaukowitz, director of Denuvo.

Source: Hiper Textual

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