A Phase 3 CheckMate -76K study conducted during the evaluation of the nivolumab completely surgically removed in patients with stage IIB/C melanoma. It turned out that theimmunotherapy showed a relapse-free survival advantage over placebo and standard analysis.

In simpler terms, nivolumab has a potential benefit in the early stages of the melanoma. Nivolumab is an inhibitor designed to stimulate the immune system to restore the anti-tumor immune response. It has become essential for the treatment of many types of cancer.

The results of the CheckMate -76K study represent a significant advance for patients with stage IIB/C melanoma and an extension of our experience in the treatment of melanoma. Relapse is a life-changing event for people with cancer. Treatment with nivolumab in the early stages of the disease, when the immune system may be more reactive, could potentially prevent recurrence, an important goal for improving patient outcomes.

Gina Fusaro, PhD, Development Program Manager, Melanoma, Bms

Melanoma is a skin cancer with an excessive growth of the cells that produce the pigment. The metastatic melanoma it is the most dangerous form and occurs when the cancer spreads beyond the skin’s surface relative to other organs. It appears that melanoma will steadily increase to 424,102 cases with 94,308 deaths by 2035. Progression of the disease reduces the chances of survival.

Source: Lega Nerd

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