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INNengine, a Spanish boxer piston engine that wants to revolutionize cars.


Engineer from Granada Juan Garrido Requena spent a decade developing INNengine boxer piston enginewho wants to revolutionize the automotive market.

Prototype 1SICE engine internal combustion from twice with performance equivalent to a four-stroke. 35kg engine with power equivalent to a 160kg engine.

The data is revolutionary: 70% fewer parts, 75% less weight, 70% less volume and 75% more power density. 1S ICE 500 cc engine cm is equivalent to a 2000 cc engine. And this is not a theory. Here you can see it in action inside the Mazda MX-5:


Dreams Come True. INNengine 500cc: Mazda MX-5 first test drive

This reduction in the number of parts, dimensions and weight allows for lower fuel consumption and better fuel optimization. That is why it significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions. And, as if that weren’t enough, it’s much quieter and doesn’t vibrate.

INNengine Secret: Opposite Pistons

As explained by our colleague Gustavo Lopez in Top Gear, this engine is based on the concept of James Atkinson, who in 1882 presented his study of a new type of engine based on opposed pistons.

He is very interested in his greater efficiencyBesides does not vibrate and almost no noise. Although several attempts have been made to produce it, no commercially viable one has yet been made, that is, one that can be mass-produced at affordable prices.

What the INNegine engine brings has been known further simplification of the opposed piston engine concept. It has reduced masses and the ultimate propellant size.

Juan Garrido abandoned the traditional design of pistons connected to the crankshaft., the creation of a rotating cam in which the connecting rods rest, and the presence of a permanent contact track, where the axial movement of the pistons is finally converted into circular movement on a single output shaft.

INNenginede drive twice comprises eight pistons in four cylinders. The current prototype weighs 43 kg, but they hope to bring it down to 35 kg.

Its small size allows not only to use it as a main engine, but also to create hybrid cars in a much smaller space.

FROM INNengine boxer piston engine already done, John Garrido and his company Achates Power is in contact with manufacturers to be able to sell it in cars. Good luck!

Source: Computer Hoy

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