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Honor throws the house out the window: these two MagicBook laptops are on sale


Honor is a brand that, although once associated with Huawei, is now completely independent, so its mobile phones have Google services, but it is also already very well researching the laptop sector, in the case of Windows 10 and Windows 11.

They have an online store in Spain and currently have two cheap laptops at a bargain price: MagicBook X15 and MagicBook 15. The first one costs only 269 euros if you apply the discount code ACELEBRA10. The second one costs 519 euros, which is also not bad.

The MagicBook X15, for example, has an Intel Core i3 and an SSD drive, while its big brother comes with a slightly more powerful Ryzen 5 and upgrades to Windows 11, Microsoft’s new operating system, as standard.

Honor MagicBook X15 for 269 euros Honor MagicBook 15 for 519 euros

Either way, the first one is a cheap Windows laptop and powerful enough to move almost any application like Chrome, Office or Zoom, making it ideal for students and workers alike.

None of them exceed 1.5 kg, so you can also say that these are lightweight, ultra-light laptops that won’t bother you too much if you have to move them from one place to another in your backpack or briefcase.

It’s amazing that the price of the MagicBook X15 has dropped well below 300 euros, and it’s that usually the cheapest Windows laptops are not made by big names or do without Intel Core processors, switching to Intel Celeron is much cheaper and smaller. powerful too.

The fact is that Honor’s official store offers free shipping, and from Spain, so in a few days your brand new laptop will be at your place and with a three-year warranty established by the legislation of our country.

Two Surprisingly Cheap Windows 10 and Windows 11 Laptops

Honor is clearly pointing to the budget segment of its PCs, although it sells some models for over 1,000 euros, which may be presented as models for users looking for a premium experience that rivals the MacBook, albeit with Windows.

However, the fight against other cheap laptops, especially Chromebooks, is expected to be very fierce.

Source: Computer Hoy

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