From these different products lenovo Most striking during the Lenovo Tech World presentation was Motorola’s foldable smartphone. Of course, the company made it clear from the start that this is a device that is at an early conceptual stage, but we are now confident that progress has been made in the production of phones of this class.

This is a product Belonging to Motorola’s internal innovation groupThis group, called 312 Labs, covers more technology, but now one of their main goals is to solve the weak points of folding phones. They admit from Motorola that, Flexible OLED technology can offer “the optimum balance of content and comfort”. Your new smartphone provides three ways for extended and compact calls.

Motorola’s new foldable screen phone is impressive

The most manageable mod in this series, a can reach four inches in size and 6.5 inches extended. However, this technology is not entirely new, as we could see it in a series that had not reached the market before. Before LG’s decision to leave the mobile phone industry, we are talking about the LG Rollable terminal, which was prepared for retail sale and sold only to employees.

A few weeks ago this new phone was seen in action, which shows how interesting it is. But while there are some differences between companies, the idea remains the same.

And this is Lenovo’s preferred a vertically expanding screenpromises rollable OLED technology, providing users with greater wearing comfort. Another important fact is that this phone can be extended and retracted using a physical button. It is a very innovative technology and may have enough potential to overturn existing folding phones.

Regarding the possible launch date of this product, there is still a long way to go before we see it in action. At the moment, this is only a concept presented at the show, and Lenovo has made it clear that this prototype has a long way to go before it becomes a consumer product.

So most likely We’ll have to wait for IFA 2023It will be held in Berlin in the first week of September, even at CES 2024 For more information on Lenovo and Motorola’s first rollable screen phone.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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