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Home Tech With these Alien spotlights you will get a special and unusual lighting.

With these Alien spotlights you will get a special and unusual lighting.


Those alien spotlights the perfect union between power and originalitybecause with them we will achieve excellent lighting, but with a non-classical shade of color.

They can be perfect if you have a halloween party and they are all dressed in different frightening costumes, which, together with purple color alien spotlightsit can make everything more sinister and special, leading to the complete success of the meeting.

But not only for Halloween, as it can be used at Christmas because the color is beautiful, or even if you want it, it should have a special area for your bar’s disc jockey.

These two centers have power 50W and 100Wconsisting of 50pcs LEDs for the first and 96 pieces per second. The wavelength they receive is 395-400 nm.

can be achieved luminescence 120 degreesin addition to 180 degree adjustable angle thanks to the system that goes to support each of the lamps.

These are spotlights with very well achieved measures, because the most powerful dimensions 240 x 125 mmand the one that shines less is content with 200 x 95 mm.

You can get both Alien LED spotlights in AliExpress Super Deals for only 10.44 euros.

Alien 50W and 100W spotlights

Another great power of these lights is that they IP65 certificationtherefore they are protected from water and dust, which is a really positive thing and a great safety measure.

body made to dissipate heat as efficiently as possible and so that it is not affected by power surges, etc.

When it comes to their placement, they don’t have any secret as the only thing we have to do is connect them to the mains and press the power buttonto then adjust them so that they illuminate where and how we want.

This pack of two Alien spotlights is highly recommended if the color suits a room in your home or even your business, with which we will achieve a different and special touch.

Source: Computer Hoy

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