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Ugreen car charger that allows you to charge three devices at the same time, with fast charging


Having a charger in your car that allows your smartphone, tablet, or other electronic device to recharge a dead battery is practically essential these days.

Ugreen charger is very stable, because it has a system by which it is able to absorb the movements and shocks that the car can generate in order to always stay in the correct position. In addition, it includes a ventilation system for dissipate heat very efficiently.

He also has protective drip system with which, when it detects that the battery of what we are charging reaches 80%, it activates and starts to charge more slowly in order to prolong the battery life of our device.

It is easy to connect to any of its ports as they all have blue light for which they are always in sight, even at night.

The price of this Ugreen charger is 25.40 euros in AliExpress Super Deals.

Compare Ugreen Charger

It has USB-C port (maximum 30 W), accompanied by USB-A (maximum 22.5 W) and other USB type C (Maximum 100W) for a total combined power of 130W.

There are various distributions that we can get, for example:

  • USB-C1 + USB-C2 + USB: 15W + 100W + 15W (130W)
  • USB-C1 + USB-C2: 30W + 100W (130W)
  • USB-C2 + USB-A: 100W + 22.5W (122.5W)
  • USB-C1 + USB-A: 12W + 12W (24W)

Another advantage of this Ugreen charger is that it is compatible with major fast charging systems such as Fast Charge, Huawei SCP/FCP or Power Delivery.

Source: Computer Hoy

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