It often happens that google is to be the platform of . to update Android Auto, and this time, a particularly handy feature has been included in the system’s novelty schedule. We’re talking specifically about the quick messages, which were announced a few months ago and are now finally available. Although it took some time to implement everything, the functionality can finally be used by all users.

After talking about the new update that is finally available at the end of last year, stating that it would be released shortly, it is now finally possible to respond in a new way. Until now it was in fact possible only send voice messages in replywhile now especially the short answers will be useful.

Instead, in this case, quick and contextualized responses to the messages received are inserted, at least one of which is available, ranging from a few letters to a single emoji to reply, and can also be sent with a single touch. As explained on the pages of 9to5Googlethe whole thing is made available by the version 7.6.1215 of the app in beta We then speak of a “personalized response” that allows you to respond quickly, so that the assistant cannot read the entire message before allowing it.

However, the fact remains that even when you are not on the road, it is not yet possible via Android Auto to send classic messages by composing them, perhaps to prevent some users from doing so while driving, which is why it is still necessary to rely on this potential of the application. Of course we don’t know if everything will be made available in the course of a new updatebut for now this extra option will certainly be useful in several ways.

Source: Lega Nerd

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