Yesterday Elon Musk appeared on Twitter HQ waving… a sink. After the curtain ended, the billionaire met with the employees of the social network. Among the various reassurances he received, Musk denied he wanted to lay off more than 75% of the staff. “Your workplace is safe,” he said.

As we wrote a few days ago, the news was reported by Bloomberg. Based on some alleged messages Musk sent to his partners, the media outlet had argued that the acquisition would be followed by a large-scale plan to laid off – with serious risks to the stability of the social network.

The deal seems closer and closer. Elon Musk has until tomorrow to close the deal. Meanwhile, the billionaire’s lawyers have already provided partners – from Binance to Sequoia Capital – with the necessary paperwork to complete the acquisition.

Elon Musk has already changed his profile bio with a new title “Chief Twit”. A fortiori, it seems increasingly certain that Musk will become the next owner of Twitter. The takeover of 100% of the social network costs $44 billion.

Musk had previously announced his intention to transform Twitter into an “Everything App”, a super-app modeled on the Chinese WeChat. Also read in this regard:

To know the future of Twitter and ‘’, you must first understand the Super Apps

Source: Lega Nerd

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