Starting today in the US the do-it-yourself iPhone repairs they become much simpler. Apple has officially opened the new official DIY program. The customer receives a detailed 80 page manual with all the step-by-step instructions to replace damaged parts.

From repairing the broken screen to replacing microphones and batteries. Apple is finally giving its customers complete freedom to repair their iPhones themselves without having to go through a service.

Users have access to a rich database of all available spare parts. And not only that: in addition to the spare parts and the manual, the user can also send the necessary tools for open the iPhone case and proceed with the repair.

For now, the program only includes smartphones, but one day it will also be possible to make iPads and other Apple-branded devices.

No surcharge on spare parts: Apple explains that prices are exactly the same as affiliated repair centers. In short, the customer saves a lot of money – because he does not have to pay for the labor.

Coming back to the prices, it ranges from a few dollars for a set of screws to $69 for the batteries and the over 300 needed to replace the screen. However, it is possible to save some money by handing over the damaged parts to Apple — a choice, the company explains, which aims to encourage recycling.

Source: Lega Nerd

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