As we get closer to September 7, the day Apple holds its next keynote, we’ll learn more about the products that will be unveiled at the event. While most of the attention is focused on the iPhone 14, another device that is causing too much talk is the rumored Apple Watch Pro, the most powerful variant of the iPhone. wearable devices.

One of the main novelties of the Apple Watch Pro, which distinguishes them from their younger brothers, is their large screen and flat line design —and the edges, and the screen—. Yes, the one that we have been waiting for in the rest of the range since last year. However, this new proposal will have a drawback: straps of other models do not fit.

According to Weibo user “UnclePan” (via MacRumors), who has shared accurate information about future Apple products in the past, Apple Watch Pro design doesn’t allow you to use straps you already have. Therefore, if you decide to purchase a new version of the smart watch, you will also have to open your wallet to start collecting a new collection of straps.

Obviously, this would be bad news. Moreover, the Apple Watch, regardless of its generation, distinguished itself by the presence of support for any strap; even those that saw the light of day many years ago. It would be the first time wearable devices those who in Cupertino “forces” us to buy new belts.

While Uncle’s reports have been reliable in the past, this time his message must be taken with a grain of salt. Actually, Mark Gurman, one of the most trusted sources in the Apple world, believes that the Apple Watch Pro will retain support for older bands.. Of course, it also mentions that due to the size of the device, they may not look quite right:

“I think the Apple Watch Pro will be compatible with older bands, although they may not fit or look as good given the size of the new watch.

Faced with two contrasting reports, it’s best to be patient and wait for Apple’s keynote, which thankfully is just around the corner.

The issue of straps aside, previous reports suggest that the Apple Watch Pro is intent on capturing those who are into extreme sports. Exactly because of this reason body would be stronger than regular models, so I would choose a titanium case.

As for his screen, he will grow to 47 millimeters. However, the size of the watch won’t be too compromised as the idea is to shrink the bezels of the bezel to be able to increase this. On September 7, doubts will be dispelled.

Source: Hiper Textual

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