The electronic cigarettes they do not help to quit smoking, indeed together with the products a tobacco warmed up they make people start over. This says Dr. Silvano Gallus, head of the Laboratory of Epidemiology of Lifestyles at the Mario Negri Institute of Pharmacological Research in Milan.

The e-cigarette and these products are therefore better known. The behavior change of more than 3,000 Italians involved in the use of electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco over a seven-month period was monitored. It seems that the highest percentage of ex-smokers using these products is those who start smoking again. The chance of start smoking again it is 3-4 times higher for those who use e-cigarettes and heated tobacco.

In the end, it was proven that those who were able to quit smoking were those who did not use these products. Now this has been scientifically proven. In short, these types of products it does not help over there Public health. It is still unclear whether they are more harmful than traditional cigarettes. However, those who use e-cigs start smoking when they are young and if they are a former smoker, they start smoking again.

Most impressively, however, e-cigarette and heated tobacco users who have never smoked before have a 6-9 times greater risk of starting smoking than non-users. The excise duty levied on them is 35% as compared to the excise duty on traditional cigarettes. If the excise duty for traditional cigarettes amounts to approximately 58% of the consumer price, for these products approximately 20%: an abyss.

dr. Silvano Gallus

In practice, the trade relates to these products earns three times moreover compared to those trading traditional cigarettes. So why in Italy should we continue to give tax breaks to those who produce something harmful to our health?

Source: Lega Nerd

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