Very bizarre, a new leak related to Pixel watch by google unannounced has surfaced on the net. In fact, we are not talking specifically about information that has come in thanks to a source or a report, but about a unit that has been delivered in preview for the assessment or testing of the device that has been left in a restaurant.

It’s not uncommon for some items to be forgotten in places like this, but of course the situation is changing when it comes to devices that haven’t even been announced by the company and should have a chance to hit the market over the next few months. This will allow you to immediately discover what will apparently be the design of the company’s new smart watch that was not born under the brand Fitbit

We were already able to talk about everything a few days ago, when the images that emerged clarified the matter (we talked about it in this in-depth analysis), and the image that you can admire on the cover of the article therefore confirmed the different details. As reported by Android Central therefore shows a device with an almost completely circular look, with almost absent bezels and a somewhat bent display.

You immediately see a button, as well as a hole, which could be for the microphone. As for the lower part, it appears to be metal. with four holes that appear to be connected to the sensors instead.

So with copies of the Pixel Watches circulating around the world, although it’s not clear what it was specifically intended for, the announcement of the new watches seems imminent, and it looks like it will just be necessary to get one more watch. a few weeks until the end to finally discover all the details thanks to the official announcement of the company.

Source: Lega Nerd

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