Even YouTube Premium costs more. With the Google subscription, you can watch YouTube content without commercial interruptions and get access to a variety of other benefits. Google had recently considered making 4K video playback exclusive to subscribers, but it seems to have finally thought about that.

YouTube Premium costs €11.99 per month in Italy so far, but the price could rise very quickly. The reason? YouTube has already announced price increase of the subscription in the United States of America, the main target market.

For the time being, the increases only relate to the plan Familywhich allows you to split the subscription with up to five people – all of whom must live in the same house.

Beginning in November, YouTube Premium Family membership will increase by $5. In the United States, the price will go up to $ 22.99 per month. In theory, the increases are expected to come into effect on November 21, but in practice it may be a little different. For example, an Engadget editor wrote that he received an email warning that the cost of his subscription would not increase until April 2023, as a “long-term valued member”.

At the moment we have no information about a possible increase in subscription prices also in Italy. Italian users can therefore breathe a sigh of relief, at least for now.

Source: Lega Nerd

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