Instagram wants to pay more attention to the needs of users who use iPador in general i Tablet, to access the social network. In short: the social interface has been updated to make browsing on the tablet more pleasant.

But the arrival of a specific application for iPad or other tablets is not up for discussion. “It is not our priority at the moment”, the Meta managements repeated for the umpteenth time.

Some users have already received one new interface optimized for tablets. At the moment, it seems that the new interface only appears when browsing Instagram from a browser with an iPad. The interface is optimized for large tablet screens and navigation is easier and more comfortable.

Meta spokesperson Christine Pai explains that the new interface is final and not implemented temporarily, as a form of testing. “We have improved navigationwhile also optimizing the video playback experience and introducing a more immersive system for Direct,” he said. “We are constantly working on improving the Instagram browsing experience on Instagram, some new improvements have been made recently.”

All this basically by browsing the social network from a browser. It seems we will have to wait a long time for an official application for iPad and Android tablets.

Source: Lega Nerd

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