the spectacular migration of the red crabs it all started on Christmas Island, an Australian island south of Indonesia. When the males reach the shore, they make burrows for mating. Between October and November, the rainy season begins and thousands of red crabs leave the forests to reach the coasts, where they will lay their eggs.

On the island, many roads are closed to traffic to allow the red crabs to pass and take them safely to the beaches. The duration of the migration changes according to the phases of the moon. THE men they will be the first to reach the shores and the caves. There the females mate with them, eventually the males return to the dense vegetation of the island.

The females that stay in the burrows for two weeks can live up to 100 thousand. produce egg. At the arrival of the last quarter of the moon, the eggs are entrusted to the flood, in contact with the water they will hatch. The larvae then become small crabs that hide among the rocks of the hinterland for the first three years of life. Once they are sexually mature, they will migrate like their peers. There are about 40-50 million red crabs on Christmas Island. The migration is so spectacular so much of attract tourists from all over the world to take pictures.

Source: Lega Nerd

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