Mom And daughter united in life and suffering, but fortunately also in healing in the end. Roberta Rapisardi, now 62, and Benedetta, 25, are mother and daughter united by the same fate. A heart condition, then one heart transplant and finally the heart surgeon himself to operate on them and bring them back to life.

In 1989, Roberta had turned to Ugolino Livi, Heart surgeonfor serious heart conditions. In a short time she managed to have surgery and have a new heart to come back to life. Livi then became director of cardiac surgery at Santa Maria della Misericordia Hospital in Udine. He has performed more than 250 successful heart transplants in his career, the first being that of Roberta.

Roberta decides to become a mother after a few years, despite her highly hereditary illness. In the end, she gives birth to a healthy baby girl, Benedetta. Only in appearance, because after that it starts to bother him heart disease, starting a cycle of hospitalizations upon hospitalizations. Dr. Ugolino Livi, who also helped her give birth, sends mother and daughter to the specialized heart disease center in Trieste for treatment. However, Benedetta’s condition worsens and she needs a compatible and specific heart transplant as the girl is frail.

In October 2022, the suitable organ was found and the operation was performed as soon as everything was ready. Destiny wanted Benedetta’s thelast transplant of Ugolino Livi’s career. At a distance from well 33 yearsHe managed to save first the mom and then the daughter. In short, it was a success! Benedetta is doing well and slowly she will fully recover and then go home. There will probably be a nice dinner with mama Roberta and maybe even with the talented heart surgeon Ugolino Livi.

Source: Lega Nerd

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