Whatsapp will improve the feature very soon multiple devices. Since September 2021, it is possible to access WhatsApp Web and Desktop without the smartphone being connected to the Internet, an extremely important step forward for a service that was completely dependent on the phone before that time.

Soon it will get even more interesting. WhatsApp had always ruled out the possibility of using it the same account on multiple phonesbut it seems that this taboo is doomed to disappear.

WhatsApp Beta for Android actually introduces a very interesting novelty. Oddly enough, it is not mentioned in the change log of the new version, but it doesn’t matter because of the specialized site WABetaInfo however, it identified the new feature. When you activate your account on a new smartphone, all you have to do is press the three dots at the top right to find a new option: “Connect a device”.

Simply scan the QR code of the phone on which the account has already been started to be able to export it to the second smartphone as well. In this way it is possible to use WhatsApp on both devices, without any kind of complications.

Soon all users will be able to use a second smartphone or tablet to access WhatsApp, allowing them to receive messages, calls and notifications on both devices. Unfortunately, we don’t know when this feature will be introduced on the stable version of WhatsApp, it could be a matter of several months.

Source: Lega Nerd

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