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DGT warns: using a mobile phone in a car is comparable to drinking alcohol


While driving, it is important to always remain calm and, above all, avoid any distractions. In fact, it has been proven over the years that a large percentage of the accidents that occur on the roads are the result of any distraction during this task.

There can be various distractions behind the wheel, and, in fact, they can come from inside the car as well as from outside. And the fact is that any element that interferes with looking ahead suggests a distraction that can end in an accident. DGT has been fighting this for several years and has now issued a new recommendation for all drivers..

The DGT recommendation makes it clear that currently Using a cell phone is perfectly normal. In fact, we are all used to checking social networks, WhatsApp or Telegram messages and even checking work chat or email on our mobile phone.


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What happens is that these situations that we are all so used to should not occur when a person is sitting in the driver’s seat of any vehicle. And the fact is that in studies conducted by DGT in 2017, he came to the conclusion that mobile phone distractions lead in fatal accidents.

And that’s what they account for 33% of all fatal crashes, with speed remaining at 29% and alcohol at 26%.. Come on, using a mobile device is almost comparable to drinking alcohol in terms of the DGT posting a comment on Twitter highlighting the danger this situation entails.

What they comment in this tweet is that using a mobile phone while driving loses the ability to maintain a constant speeddistances with other vehicles are reduced, so that reasonable distances are not maintained in the event of any braking or, for example, an emergency.

Of course, this is not the only thing that happens when using a mobile phone while driving. The reaction time also increases and therefore the following happens: when it comes to reacting to any difficult situation, sometimes it is much more difficult to avoid it completely. and, logically, accidents happen.

Source: Computer Hoy

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