It has been more than a year since Italians were able to enjoy the service that made their lives easier. They had access to no less than 15 personal data: from birth certificates to marriage certificates with one click. Here, who will now be able to use the first digital certificate again through the platform “National Registry of the Resident Population”. Sergio Mattarella, head of state, was the first to first digital certificate of the Place of theregistry office. It is now also possible to request a change of residence. 4.35 million certificates have been downloaded from Anpr and 116 thousand changes of residence via the site.

This data was communicated by the Ministry of Interior, responsible for the ANPR project, with Sogei’s technology partnership. Entrusted to the Digital Transformation Service of the Prime Minister’s Office, together with the technical-operational coordination. The portal updated by Sogei will be online soon with new functions. In October 2022, two documents were confirmed for the evolution of Anpr: one related to the integration in the single register of the automated archive of civil status registers. It will be possible to provide online to all fulfillments related to the registration, transcription and annotation of the deeds in the registers of civil status. A nice plus for us Italians!

Source: Lega Nerd

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