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Home Tech The legendary Lancia brand is being revived to produce only electric vehicles.

The legendary Lancia brand is being revived to produce only electric vehicles.


Electric vehicles are the future, and manufacturers know it. Over the past few years, we’ve seen traditional car companies venture into the market with electric vehicles to compete with offerings from new companies like Tesla, but we haven’t seen a company resurrect to jump on the electric car bandwagon.

Lancia is back and doing so with the intention of launching its first electric car with futuristic overtones. And the thing is, Lancia doesn’t seem to want to do things halfway, and he’s referring to an electric car that seems to be taken from the Blade Runner 2049 movie universe.

Of course, this car would not come alone. Lancia plans to release three new electric vehicles. The first one will arrive in 2024 and will be called the Lancia Ypsilon., his brothers will arrive in two and four years, respectively. Lancia proposes a plan to produce three electric vehicles by 2028.

Also, from 2028, Lancia will produce fully electric vehicles.. The plans are very enthusiastic and, in fact, perhaps too hasty for a company that has not made any noise for several years.

Lancia catches electricity and revives with the sole purpose of offering electric vehicles

To whet your appetite, Lancia has revealed the Lancia Pu+Ra Zero, a car that exemplifies the lines of design and thought that Lancia wants to follow from now on. This car will be the inspiration for the rest of the electric vehicles that will appear in the future.

It’s not that Lancia is preparing cars with this design, this sample is intended to clarify Lancia’s intentions for the future. The only thing that seems to have survived are the rear lights. Lancia Pu+Ra Zero in The next Lancia Ypsilon will be released in 2024..

We can only wait to see what Lancia has in their hands and if they manage to stand up to the rest of the companies. electric vehicles. Of course, these cars will not succeed until prices are lowered in such a way that they are accessible to the majority of people and therefore no longer a luxury or a whim of a few.

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