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Friday, June 21, 2024
Home Tech 9 cars with the worst steering wheel design in history

9 cars with the worst steering wheel design in history


There are great cars, but you can always find things that could be better. Sometimes things go further and there are specific details that clearly harm a good car, for example, its steering wheel. here 9 flyers that are dramatic in their own right.

And this, of course. Steering wheels have been with us all our lives and their function is clear, but there are times when designers they try to take them a little further.

This can lead to great results, but also to others that are better left unsaid…

Original text by Olly Q


This is a previous generation steering wheel that was installed on BMW M Sportbut newer ones have the same problem. He is very, very fat. Honestly, you need hands like an orangutan to wrap your fingers around it.

But that is not all. It’s also soft and stuff makes the car feel awkward when you try to take a curve. BMW engineers say their customers like big wheels because they associate them with sports cars. Yes, it’s your fault in the first place, guys.

Alfa Romeo 4C

Steering wheel Alfa Romeo 4C.

Alfa Romeo

The Alfa Romeo 4C stumbled a lot in commercial life, but one of them was the idea to equip a lightweight sports car carbon interior it didn’t have power steering with a terrible steering wheel.

This means that one of the key interfaces between man and machine, which should have been absolutely clean and surprisingly simple, has been damaged. There was placed thick two-spoke steering wheel ugly irregular shape.

mercedes eq

steering wheel mercedes ex


A big Mercedes sedan should be relaxing, but it’s also driven silent electric motors it should be so relaxing that you completely forget you are in the car.

But Mercedes managed to screw it up. inside EQS decorating the steering wheel with touch buttons that are really hard to use. Plus, the shiny rear spokes get dirty and spoil the impression of a $100,000 minimalist cabin.

Audi Q4 Etron

Audi Q4 e-tron concept (interior)

In order not to miss a bad idea without copying, there are other German manufacturers who also decided to install handlebars covered with controls that only a neurosurgeon can use. And definitely not driving.

Q4 electronic throne Audi is another culprit for this phenomenon. Also, the steering wheel itself has a somewhat silly shape for a car like this: it’s an electric crossover, not a single seat Formula One car.

Volkswagen Golf R

Steering wheel Volkswagen Golf R

And to complete this small subset, the latest generation Volkswagen Golf. A steering wheel too thick and not as pleasant to hold as on an old Golf R? Ready. Strange tactile feedback buttons? Ready.

Usually, handling is the worst thing in this part of the car and they can be terrible because of their ease of mispressing while driving. Mind you, at least you have a full rudder to, well, turn…

Tesla Model S Plaid

Steering wheel Tesla Model C

As if the Tesla Model S Plaid wasn’t enough, it now includes a “Yoke” steering wheel. And do not think that this is just something special from Tesla, as there is other brands that also thought of something similar for your electrics.

One example is Toyota, which is about to offer new electric cars like the bZ4x with a similar steering wheel. This proves that the old guard in the automotive industry will do just about anything if people compare them to Tesla.

Lotus Emir

Lotus Emira 2021

Mark Riccioni

top gear

Yes, Lotus is on the list of steering wheel models. How is this possible? As cool as he seems emirate steering wheelit is too thick to hold comfortably and too square.

We are big fans lotus new sports car since we tested the prototype and really want to test the final version. Mind you, will it have a “remove marketing department” option for regular people who want a round flyer?

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Steering wheel Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

last mid-engined corvette fell into a trap similar to the other cars on this list. The double-spoke steering wheel forces drivers to hold it lower than usual with their hands.

This has consequences because doesn’t seem so natural when you are going to drive on winding roads. And why did you decide to put the engine in the middle, isn’t it winding roads?

Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Ferrari SF90 Stradale

No, this isn’t the old complaint about Ferrari putting sensors and wipers on the steering wheel. Problem in SF90. There are many more features on the steering wheel and everything is touch-sensitive.

When you have 1000 HP available.trying in vain to switch driving modes between EV, Hybrid and Qualify with a glowing bar you can touch is not as easy as flipping a classic (and often copied) switch. manettino from Ferrari. Good luck.

This news was published on Top Gear ES.

Source: Computer Hoy

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