Recently, the staff of Wikipedia voted to remove cryptocurrency donations as one of the possible options to support the platform, with updates now expected from last month. There Wikimedia Foundation was able to clarify the issue by talking about a major update, as reported on the pages of The edgeand it is now official that all such donations are no longer accepted, both in terms of the Bitcoinas well as for other forms of cryptocurrencies.

To make matters worse, the Bitpay account is closed to prevent any kind of future donation. Below is the official statement clarifying the situation:

The Wikimedia Foundation has decided to end the direct adoption of cryptocurrencies as a donation method. We started this in 2014 based on requests from our volunteers and the donor community. We are making this decision based on recent feedback from the communities themselves. In particular, we will close our Bitpay account, which will no longer allow us to accept direct payments in cryptocurrencies as a donation method. We will continue to monitor this and appreciate the feedback and attention people are giving in the Wikimedia movement. We remain flexible and responsive to finding volunteers.

Molly White, known as GorillaWarefare, which launched a proposal to stop everything, called cryptocurrencies an extremely risky investment and stressed that they are not in line with the sustainability the foundation is aiming for, as the sector is extremely wasteful in terms of energy consumption around the world. Of 232 votes in favor and 94 againstthe request was then officially accepted, with the official notice of the cessation of donations through this method finally arriving.

Source: Lega Nerd

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