For a while people view As it is a company that exists in its segment electric cars. In fact, it is mentioned that there are close to a thousand employees within the Cupertino company for this purpose. Well, some details about its future in this market are known.

New information, Apple’s quite less ambitious while it comes ashore to compete with the rest of the firm that is already present in the electric car. An example of what we said, the original idea was that passengers sit across from each other, offering a car was set aside. much more traditional that in addition to the normal pedals necessary for driving, a steering wheel will not be missing. As such, it will be an ultimate hybrid model that will allow both automatic and manual driving.

This is because currently some obstacles technological assets that are impossible to record, so assets regulator Give final approval for an electric car that is fully autonomous and does not allow manual intervention if people decide to do so (by choice or necessity).

Dashboard of the Apple car of the future


An Apple car price to match Tesla

Initial information regarding the price of Apple’s first electric car may have indicated that it will be $120,000. That would be a handicap, because we’re talking about a fairly mature market with references like Tesla – which sets a clear benchmark for it. The truth is, things seem to have changed a lot and the amount in question will not be exact. That would stay at about $100,000. We’re talking about a price similar to what you’d have to pay to get a base model of the Tesla Model S or Mercedes EQS.

This, if confirmed, could give the Tim Cook-led firm a lot more play to compete and become a buying option for both devoted Apple fans and not so many. The fact is that the said decline – if confirmed – is a wonderful news.

Possible delay on arrival

From what is stated in the information source, the design of Apple’s electric car will not be finalized. And therefore, the previous market entry forecasts would not be met (the vehicle was expected to go on sale in 2025). Like this, would be a year later when the product can be purchased. I mean, you have to be a little patient. An important detail: Since the North American company did not have the capacity to do this alone, it was possible to find out in a short time which manufacturer would help with the assembly of the car we mentioned.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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