Dias Toffoli, Minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), give an ultimatum to the federal government, so the Ministry of Education has decided to release some of the heavy cuts that President Jair Bolsonaro’s (PL) team has imposed on the industry. On Thursday (8), portfolio holder Victor Godoy announced that R$460 million will be released for so-called discretionary spending.

These expenses, also known as financing and investment expenses, include expenses that the government may or may not realize based on the revenue estimate. The heavy cuts implemented by the Ministry of Economy less than a month after the end of the current government mainly affected the Capes (Higher Education Personnel Development Coordination) research grants sector.

Capes grants are guaranteed to be paid

According to Minister Godoy’s tweet, “Capes grants are guaranteed to be paid and will be made by Tuesday 13 December”. A total of R$460 million was released and this R$210 million aims to pay 100% of the student aid grant, PET grants, permanence grant and Prouni.

In a press release, Capes confirmed on Thursday (8) that it immediately received R$50 million. “This amount will be used immediately to pay for all scholarships for programs aimed at training teachers for basic education.”

The Ministry of Economy claims that the unexpected situation occurred so the government could pay R$2.3 billion more to Social Security and transfer R$3.8 billion to the cultural sector of the Aldir Blanc Act. – the ministry intended to throw this into the arms of the next administration – but withdrew at the last minute.

Source: Tec Mundo

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