Apple it should also get the chance to present its next one in 2022 iPhone in September, and apparently this time it will be particularly difficult for users to choose the most suitable device for their needs. There is even talk of the need to choose between new models when the mini is officially withdrawn from the market in favor of Maxunconfirmed information but which has been talked about for several months and which now seems only a matter of time.

According to what came out recently from noted Apple insider Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg journalist, as explained on the pages of PhoneArena iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max they should be comparable to the higher-performing Pro models in several respects. In fact, it looks like the 6.7-inch Max would have a price cut of just $200 compared to what’s seen with the Pro Max, which is the same size but several more features. It’s not clear if Apple will keep the same SoC as the iPhone 13 as expected, but it seems prices won’t fall anyway.

Imagine a price of $899 for the iPhone 14 Max, according to Gurman, i Pro and Pro Max they would be $1,099 and $1,199, with the base model costing $799 instead. Certainly possible estimates, although clearly unconfirmed, that would put pressure on Apple users to choose their device, also given that Apple, according to what was expected, will make several changes with the iPhone 14, starting from the sector. cameras from the Pro models, which should give up the notch.

Obviously, to learn more about the issue, we will have to wait until September, as the company, as usual, will have to delve into all the details about the devices in question.

Source: Lega Nerd

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