There is a great deal of controversy regarding e-Sigs. Naturally, vapers they vigorously defend them, claiming that they are much safer than tobacco. However, pulmonologists, like other scientists, warn of its danger. It is true that it may be less dangerous than smoking regular cigarettes, but this does not mean they are harmless. And the worst thing is that the publicity that surrounds vaping The aura of safety, as well as the appeal that comes in a variety of flavors, encourages many young people to start using it. For this reason, the European Commission proposed to ban it in a statement from its Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety.

This proposal is part of his goal of achieving a tobacco-free generation with less than 5% of smokers by 2040. This is in line with legislation proposed by countries such as New Zealand, which would raise the minimum age for buying tobacco annually until it reaches smokeless generation.

All these measures concern mainly tobacco. However, the decision of the European Union is not something isolated. For many years, the number of young vapers has been worrying experts around the world. Therefore, the solution ban flavored heated tobacco products It has completely entered the agenda of many countries of the world. Will it be promoted in Europe? It’s too early to know, but it will certainly be a measure that is largely in line with scientific advice.

A measure that vapers won’t like

Have electronic cigarettes with and without nicotine. It is logical that the latter are less dangerous. But again, just because they’re less dangerous doesn’t mean they’re harmless. In fact, its vapors contain other substances such as propylene glycol, which can cause chronic inflammation of the bronchi in the short term. In addition, we can also find carcinogenic substances in it, such as carbonyls, formaldehyde and some heavy metals.

Secondly, vapers are getting younger. Many experts believe that using e-cigarettes at such a young age could pave the way for conventional tobacco use. This means that not only the substances contained in them will be dangerous, but also habits that can contribute.

Electronic cigarettes are considered by many experts as an intermediate step towards tobacco.

And this is what, although it is often said that vaping it is an intermediate point that helps smokers quit smoking, and there are even some studies that support this hypothesis, there are many others that indicate the opposite. But even if that were true, it’s still a dangerous option, so they would be much better options, like going a psychologist or health professional who specializes in smoking cessation.

Ultimately, e-cigarettes are dangerous. And to make matters worse, using flavored heated foods is almost like wrapping a box of tobacco in wrapping paper and a bow. smoking becomes something attractive that young vapers may end up becoming smokers.

Considering nine out of ten cases of lung cancer thought to be caused by tobacco, there are reasons to try to do away with this intermediate step.

When will it take effect?

For now, a ban on flavored heated tobacco products is only a proposal from the European Commission. now to appreciate Council and the European Parliament. It will be where it will be finally decided whether this will continue. In this case, the ban for vapers will enter into force 20 days after its official publication.

We’ll still have to wait; although, given the existing consensus on this matter, it is unlikely that it will not be implemented. In fact, in the United States, the FDA has already made a decision to ban Juul-branded products, which would be in line with what it intends to ban in Europe. There is more and more awareness. Now, all that is missing is for it to reach consumers, so that they give up electronic cigarettes, not only for the sake of the law, but also for the sake of their health.

Source: Hiper Textual

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