As reported on the pages of PCGamer 3D club has had the opportunity to improve its range of cables by announcing new devices designed to improve what has been seen so far in terms of power supply, even if the actual use with the classic devices available on the market.

We are talking specifically about cables that may carry up to 240 W of power, to say the least a large number comparable to that of power supplies for large portable PCs, to the point that this power would potentially be enough to power laptops with the video card in it. RTX 3080 Ti

However, it must be said that of course these could never work without at the same time also having a power supply that can carry such a large load of energy, which is more unique than rare on the market at the moment.

The company will certainly have an edge in this area, as it was one of the first to opt for cables with so many possibilities, which could even become the market standard in the future.

Source: Lega Nerd

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