According to the researchers, there is strong geophysical evidence that Mars may still be volcanically active. Estimates point to the presence of a mantle plume 4,000 kilometers across under the Elysium Plain. The study was published in the journal Nature.

For many years it was believed that Mars was a completely cooled planet, almost dead and with no evidence of planetary activity.

However, since the arrival of the InSight Mission, Mars seems to have begun to reveal its secrets, suggesting that there is still much to study, both on its surface and below.

In a new study, University of Arizona geophysicists point to the possibility of convection clouds that would carry magma to the planet’s surface.

The mantle plume is the name given to the geological phenomenon in which a heat flux rises from deeper regions of the mantle towards the planet’s surface. This event can be observed on Earth, in volcanic regions, and on Venus.

For researchers, inference about the existence of volcanic activity on the planet is the best justification for phenomena such as gravitational differences and some geological markings around the plain.

There is very consistent data on seismic events on the Martian floor.

If there is magmatic activity below the surface, there may be pockets of liquid water and therefore the presence of microorganisms.

The new discoveries are extraordinary and open the way for new theories and possibilities for studying Martian soil.

Big surprises continue on Mars!

Source: Tec Mundo

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