Innovator and businessman max hodk will leave the Neuralink Elon Musk project in 2021, having read the acceptance Soon, work began on his own analogue called “Science Eyes” – artificial eyes with an almost infinite potential for revealing functionality. Hodak told Futurism in an interview.

Basically, the walker proposes to move certain organs. To do this, these organs need to be identified by genetic therapy and integrated into them a miniature dispi. The modified eye will by default be free from any problems, provided from the side, plus it is possible to set data with a high degree of realism.

The difficulty is that suitable future ones for the realization of this prana have not yet been found, everyone is being looked for at the stadium. Hodak decided not to repeat Musk’s mistakes, he tries not to make loud demands and promises to soon enter the market for products that change reality.

On the other hand, Hodak’s startup called “Science Corp” has now already raised 160 million. Research and investment in the world has been followed by the same Neuralink to get the best results, the best results. neuroimplants.

Source: Tech Cult

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