The beneficial effects of coffee are well known. However, not much has been studied about what happens if, instead of coffee with milk. It would seem that the effect will be the same. Or maybe even less. However, according to a recently published study by scientists from University of Copenhagenin this case, the benefits may be even greater.

This is due to the fact that milk contains a large amount of squirrelswhich in turn are made up of amino acids. These scientists have confirmed that some of these amino acids can interact with coffee polyphenolsincreasing its power anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. This is very beneficial because diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s can be prevented. In addition, it will help slow down cell aging.

Now it is important to note that all this was studied only in cell cultures in the laboratory. The next step will be testing in animal models and then in humans. Whatever the case, evidence so far suggests that coffee with milk can be very beneficial.

Benefits of coffee with milk

Coffee contains certain substances known as polyphenols, which are also found in tea and many fruits and vegetables. They are beneficial for many reasons, but especially for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

First, avoid excessive inflammatory reactions organism. It should be noted that inflammation is necessary, as it is a natural reaction of the body. the immune system in response to pathogens that can be harmful to us. However, when it is excessive, it can be very harmful. To use the typical military metaphor used to talk about the immune system, when it goes into a furious fight against pathogens, it can destroy them, but the horses leave the ground trampled and devastated. This area will be healthy cells, so the answer must be sought already to a certain extent.

As for antioxidants, they help fight against free radicals. These are unstable and harmful substances that can be formed both as a result of an inflammatory reaction and under the action of external agents that can range from environmental pollution before tobacco use. It is known that they are associated with cell aging and the emergence of many diseases. For this reason, the plant polyphenols found in coffee are considered very beneficial.

These scientists saw that these benefits could be even greater if polyphenols were combined with some of the amino acids that make up proteins. Coffee doesn’t have enough protein content, but milk does. So they suspected that coffee with milk might be beneficial.

Polyphenols and cysteine ​​are the perfect pair

We have seen that proteins are made up of basic building blocks known as amino acids. There are twenty different types of amino acids, but scientists have found a very beneficial role in one of them: cysteine ​​(Cys).

They noticed that when it was combined with two very common polyphenols in coffee called CA and KGAenhances anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. On the one hand, they tested that polyphenols quickly bind to these amino acids when coffee is made with milk. On the other hand, they saw that by putting CA-Cys and CGA-Cys in contact with cell culturesthe inflammatory response was much more effectively regulated. Moreover, it happened at many different levels, affecting most of the components involved in it.

Humble (Unsplash)

Can this be done with a vegetable drink?

It is worth asking if we get the same effect when making coffee with milk with vegetable drink. In fact, it will do with any source of protein. The problem is that, as a rule, plant-based drinks have less protein than milk

Soy drink has the most interesting nutritional profile, as well as a higher protein content. However, this legume lacks sulfur-containing amino acids, among which it is cysteine. However, it is possible to search fortified herbal drinks. And if not, then there will be no problem, as there are many other protein-rich foods that can be included in the diet.

Just because coffee with milk can be healthy doesn’t mean it won’t. vegans or people who don’t drink milk for any other reason They will have more health problems. This is just another fact to consider and there are always alternatives. But if you don’t belong to these groups of people and drink milk, it might be time to add at least a drop to your coffee.

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