In the future of Apple the advertising and streaming division will play an increasingly important role. The Cupertino giant wants to give higher priority to services, where it sees very important growth opportunities.

The numbers speak for themselves: in 2021 Apple generated $3.7 billion in revenue from… advertise in the App Store A figure that may seem negligible when compared to the company’s total revenue. Yet this is an increase of 238% year on year. Apple expects to reach $5.5 billion in revenue by 2022.

This is at least partly due to the Tracking transparency app introduced with iOS version 14.5. Apple crippled ads on Facebook and Google, so developers flocked to Apple’s new advertising platform to promote their products. Meanwhile, Apple has also moved the pieces from its board to further strengthen the division. Peter Stern, formerly VP in the advertising department, now takes full ownership of the new Apple One service package. During the same period, Todd Teresi took charge of the advertising program.

Apple then wants to increase the competitiveness of Apple TV + The ace in the hole – at least in the US – could be sports. The company has already signed a deal to NFL American Football on the platform. Apple has also already partnered with the MLB, the main baseball federation.

Source: Lega Nerd

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