Ford has finally unveiled the new Explorer, its new electric car for Europe. With this presentation, the long wait to meet the “reinvented” model, which the American automaker had high hopes for, ended.

Prior to the event, some images of the prototype had already been released, allowing us to know where its lines would go. Finally, it’s about big carwhose design is inspired by models from the brand’s historical catalog in North America.

The new electric Ford Explorer stands out for being the company’s first vehicle. will be mass-produced in Cologne, Germany, since the middle of this year, as part of the commitment to the European market. But not only that, but also the first brand to be developed. based on the Volkswagen MEB platform; i.e. the same as ID.4.

Just like the Ford Explorer catches the eye with its “American lines”, also stands out in your interior. The new electric car boasts a 17-liter mega-console in the center console and a 15-inch vertical screen that can be raised and lowered to reveal more storage spaces.

It includes a 7-speaker audio system with steering wheel-mounted soundbar and is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto; in both cases without wires.

The seats are made from vegan leather and have a one-piece design. This means that the headrest is integrated. Except, They are heated and with massagers.features that are standard in both cases.

New electric Ford Explorer officially unveiled

During the presentation, there were no details about the car in terms of motorization and autonomy. The manufacturer guaranteed that the car could be charged from 10 to 80% in just 25 minutes.

Meanwhile, if we stop at the dimensions, the new electric car of the American brand will make itself felt. According to the official data sheet, has a length of 4.46 m, a width of 1.87 m and a height of 1.60 m.. It is also worth noting that it will be available in two versions: Explorer and Explorer Premium. As a distinguishing feature, the second will have a panoramic roof.

Another aspect where the new electric Ford Explorer doesn’t fall behind is storage space. The car will offer a 470-litre boot but with the seats folded down. can be increased up to 1400 liters.

Availability and price

In terms of availability, bookings will start later this year and the first cars are expected to hit dealerships in late 2023 for demonstration purposes. large scale production and deliveries to customers are scheduled for 2024. It will be available in six different colors, including two new shades: Arctic Blue and Blue My Mind.

Although the price has not been officially determined, Ford says the new electric Explorer will cost less than 45,000 euros. The final figure is expected to be confirmed towards the end of the year.

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