Analysts have been wondering what it will be like for several weeks Twitter after the acquisition of Elon Musk To start with, who will be the new CEO? from the social network? A reconfirmation of Pragwel seems unlikely, if not impossible. It represents everything Musk seems to be fighting against.

Last week, news came out about a possible interim government of Elon Musk himself. A temporary move, just waiting to identify a suitable figure to continue the ambitious vision of the founder of SpaceX.

Then it could be right Jack Dorsey to take control of the social network. He’s got all the cards in the rules: For starters, Twitter co-founded him and was its CEO until a few months ago. He is also friends with Elon Musk, with whom he shares his enthusiasm for Bitcoin, and appears to have reversed the decision to suspend Donald Trump for life (this week Musk said he wanted to lift him).

Everyone loves the Dorsey hypothesis. Except for Dorsey himself, who, when asked about his return to the top of Twitter, dismissed the matter with a “new“I will never be CEO of Twitter again,” he added.

In the meantime, many things have changed. The market has changed, with technology stocks hitting a three-year low. So the $44 billion bid now seems too out of focus. Musk has the blade on the side of the handle, analysts explain. Should he come out at the last minute – remember, the penalty would be ‘only’ 1 billion – Twitter’s shares would collapse. Hindenburg Research, a fund specializing in the activities of short selling, short selling, gives an almost certain renegotiation of the agreement. More doubtful is Reuters journalist Greg Roumeliotis, who explained yesterday that the move, while not unprecedented (there are several precedents in history), would not be without risks, as Twitter could drag Elon Musk into a long case and both sides. have every reason in the world to want to avoid it.

Source: Lega Nerd

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