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Whatsapp wants you to have link previews in status updates


Whatsapp is working on various features that allow for better status updates, some of the updates are inherited from Instagram and now they want to develop them, making them more visible but also making them more colorful.

And as we move from wabetainfo, various changes are being made to WhatsApp status updates thanks to the new beta version of the application in which it appears. the app’s ability to generate previews when sharing a link in a status updateor.

This feature has been seen in beta where engineers are working on the ability to create link previews when posting a text link in a status update.


This means that when we create a status update and paste the link, the link will not be displayed directly as it used to be in text format, but a preview with more detail will appearYes

As you can see in the screenshot, if we currently enter a text link in a status update, the link just appears, but thanks to a future update, a text box will appear with more information about the web page we are sharing.

This is very interesting if we want to share a web page, and with it the recipient will already have more information about it, perhaps with a picture of this network, as well as its description.

It is not yet known when this feature will be available, but it is expected to arrive on Android as well as iOS and desktop.

Source: Computer Hoy

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