Some images have emerged on the Chinese Chiphell forum of a cooler that Nvidia will use in the next generation of Lovelace graphics cards. At first glance, the design is very similar to the existing solutions of the RTX 3000 series, but some differences can be noted.

The heatsink on the surface (above), followed by the RTX 3090 Ti’s.

For example, a comparison with photos from TechPowerUp shows that this new cooler has a much larger baseplate than the current Ampere flagship. As a result, it should be able to turn off memory in addition to the GPU, which is confirmed by the existing thermal pads. Based on this, it appears that there are at least ten memory chips on the card in question.

It’s unclear which sku this cooler was designed for, but the forum post also includes an image showing the “RTX 4090 Ti”. Considering the low resolution, Photoshop might as well. According to the latest rumors, the first Ada cards will be unveiled in mid-July, with more information expected to emerge by then.

Sources: Chiphell, TechPowerUp, Videocardz

Source: Hardware Info

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