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OCU sues Apple for planned obsolescence


The Consumer Organization (OCU), which we usually talk about very often in this magazine, presented class action lawsuit to defend over 400,000 victims in court due to the planned obsolescence of the iPhone 6.

But what is he accused of? simply, The OCU believes that Apple updated the iPhone 6 software to cause battery performance issues.knowing it will slow down and lose performance on phones.

Surely this case is familiar to you, since it was blown up in 2017. Here’s a story from the time Apple had to publicly apologize. Although this does not mean that they do not have to pay now.


What is planned obsolescence?

OCU believes that Manzana, deliberately forced consumers to upgrade their iPhones, resulting in economic losses ranging from 40 million to 80 million euros.,

At that time, millions of customers who had an iPhone 6 were almost forced to upgrade to the iPhone 8, the new model of the time.

The OCU requires compensation in the amount of 99 to 189 euros per client. This figure is obtained from the amount of the battery amount (from 29 to 89 euros, depending on whether you have accepted the replacement plan) plus 10% of the purchase price of the mobile phone (from 699 to 999 euros, depending on the model) and capacity).

The Consumers and Users Organization stated that it would bear the necessary expenses for the successful completion of the litigation.paying the fees of lawyers and solicitors so that the victims do not have to pay a single euro on their part.

If the lawsuit is lost, they explain, the victims will also not have to bear the costs of the process., which can be up to several thousand euros depending on the instances the process reaches and the time it takes. You can read the full statement here.

Source: Computer Hoy

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