Intel will set up a research lab to develop sustainable cooling solutions for servers. The laboratory will cover an area of ​​1,8500 square meters and will cost 700 million dollars (approximately 662.7 million euros).

The company wants to do more research on immersion cooling. A server is completely immersed in a (non-conductive) liquid. This cooling method can save a lot of energy. In addition, more efficient use of water and the collection and reuse of the released heat are being investigated.

Intel also plans to use the lab to test data center products like Xeon. There will also be a space where enterprise customers can view and try products in a variety of data center configurations.

Intel wants to focus more on sustainability and energy efficiency. Data centers will consume about 1 percent of the world’s electricity, with 0.3 percent of CO2.2nd emissions as a result. Immersion cooling can reduce emissions by 45 percent. Intel also announced the open reference design for its immersion cooling system, which it hopes will accelerate the global application of immersion cooling.

Source: Intel

Source: Hardware Info

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