Animals have their own calls to communicate with each other. However, some have adapted to life among humans in such a way that they also interact quite well with them. This is the case dogswho even look at people’s faces and distinguish their expressions. catsOn the other hand, despite all the time they’ve been with us, they seem to be a lot dumber. For this reason, a group of scientists from University of Paris Nanterre decided to find out what what is the best name for a cat

It refers to unknown cats, transparent. If this is our cat, then, despite the fact that sometimes it seems that they spare us, they are more attentive to our calls. But what do you call a homeless or unfamiliar cat?

To answer this question, the authors of the study 18 domestic cats from cat canteens. Such establishments, where many come to relax while petting kittens over a cup of coffee, are very common in Asia, but also in European countries such as France, in the capital of which there are several. So they were all familiar with people. But they did not respond the same way to calls.

What is the best name for a cat

The scientific authors of this study investigated three ways to call a cat: auditory, visual, or a mixture of both. In addition, some of the people who participated in the experiment showed indifference to cats. This served as a control, as one could check if the cats were approaching.

But there was something that marked a trend, as the cats came much faster when they called. both visual and auditory cues. This was the best option, followed by visual signaling and finally auditory.

Cats are better at home

Since we are talking about street cats, it’s time to remember that if you have them, you should not let them out of the house. Today, their ecosystems are our homes. Outside of them, they behave like invasive species, because. they are born hunters and they will not hesitate to attack birds or small rodents, among other animals. The issue of cat colonies should be carefully studied in search of the best option, but with domestic cats there is no doubt. They live very well on the couch at home, they do not need to go out for a walk.

So if you want to pick someone up off the street to become part of your family and not attack other species, remember that cats want your full attention; no calls, no hand movements: two things.

Source: Hiper Textual

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