Then google need to announce yours Pixel watchbad news has emerged about the SoC that will be used in devices by the company, which in fact, while the watches are set to hit the market sometime in 2022, could turn out to be a chip dating back to The 2018 This would have been considered by google for various reasons.

As detailed through the pages of 9to5Googlethe company may have been using the devices in question precisely because it has been working on this project for a long time, with the launch allegedly being postponed from time to time and therefore having delivered the original plans, which envisaged the use of a brand new chip generation, to finally be relatively obsolete, with the device that could finally show this limitation with regard to the SoC used.

It must be said that this is not an official novelty at the moment and the company has not had the opportunity to confirm the matter, but after a long talk about the use of chips Exynos within the new Google device and the 9to5Google pages have found this particular novelty, the company will certainly have a way to respond to everything before too long.

The Pixel Watches will soon be in the hands of users and can be used to understand the real potential of the devices, which would come with a chip that uses the 10nm architecture and not the 5nm as imagined. It seemed possible that the company Exynos W920 of the galaxy watch 4when it seems to have chosen the Exynos 9110 10 nm chosen by Samsung for its first Galaxy Watches that hit the market in 2018.

Source: Lega Nerd

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