The Hong Kong authorities they would consider ban access to Telegramin an effort to counter the phenomenon of doxing to the detriment of officials and politicians deemed close to China by pro-democracy activists.

The ban on Telegram, IBT writes, would further bring Hong Kong closer to China’s illiberal and authoritarian order on the web and access to social networks. Telegram remains fundamental to the coordination of pro-democratic movements and in contrast to the increasingly repressive measures taken by the authorities after the adoption of the “Hong Kong National Security Law” in 2020.

The chats and channels used by activists in Hong Kong often disseminate personal information of government officials considered close to China. The practice of giving away private information, such as phone numbers, emails, and home addresses, is known as: doxen

In an effort to stem pro-democracy activism, the Hong Kong privacy regulator is considering banning access to the Telegram app completely.

“Telegram supports freedom of expression,” said a spokesperson for the platform, “however, the content published for the purpose of revealing personal information without the consent of the interested parties is prohibited and will be systematically removed”.

Source: Lega Nerd

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