Apple could have offered Messi a percentage of Apple TV+ subscriptions to sign for Inter Miami

Apple owns the rights to the American football league.

It is rumored that Lionel Messi could sign for Inter Miami.

The season of Europe’s main football leagues is over and now it’s time. transfer market. Over the last few days, we’ve seen all sorts of news and rumors circulating about possible player transfers, and we’ve seen wonderful welcomes and bitter farewells…

Karim Benzema He will go to Al-Ittihad in Saudi Arabia, Jude Bellingham He will come to Real Madrid and now he will leave. Lionel Messi United States to Inter Miami. And… yes, as surprising as it may seem, view It might have something to do with this signature.

Critical hours for Messi’s transfer from Inter Miami

Apple has the rights to broadcast Major League Soccer matches since November 2022. 2.5 billion dollars For 10 years, it has implemented a special system integrated into Apple TV+ with MLS and multi-screen broadcasting to watch various US league football matches live simultaneously.

So it goes without saying that Apple is very interested in Lionel Messi finally signing to Inter Miami. Coming to MLS Significantly increase Apple TV+ subscriptions. Rumors from the Miami Herald, Apple may have offered Lionel Messi’s representative a small percentage of revenue from Apple TV+ subscriptions..


Lionel Messi could confirm the news in the next few hours

In a massive operation currently in development, There are many parties involved and sponsorships that deal with a signature of this scale. people say this adidas and even your own MLS Messi and Inter respectively may offer certain financial “incentives” to Miami.

In these sensitive moments nothing has been confirmed yet. Sources close to the operation assured the Miami Herald that Lionel Messi has yet to make a final decision, so the player remains on the contract. Paris Saint-Germain Until 30 June 2023. However, his signature is expected to be announced soon. Actually famous journalist Fabrizio Romano He recently assured that the decision has already been made and will be announced in the next few hours.

Moreover, the official Apple TV+ Twitter account would have a post. chirp from twitter Announcing the arrival of the Argentine star To Major League Soccer. a few minutes after its release, chirp would have been deleted.

Finally, on the other hand, Apple TV+ also documentary series About Lionel Messi With exclusive content from the Argentinean player.

Everything points to Lionel Messi’s emotional return to the ranks of the blaugrana club, which, unfortunately, will not be attended by FC Barcelona fans. Seven-time Ballon d’Or winner, Great offer from Inter Miami in an operation whose figures have not been disclosed to the press until now.

Source: i Padizate

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