Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+… which is the best streaming platform?

A study conducted by JustWatch reflects the growth of mainstream content platforms.

Market share figures of the most popular streaming platforms announced

After a hard day at work, head home, pack a snack, sit on the couch with your loved ones, and watch all the latest releases from the streaming platforms’ catalog. It seems like an extremely everyday thing, but it means a lot in the lives of so many movie fans.

Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+ and many more platforms are competing to offer the best streaming content to their users. And now a study conducted by JustWatch shows us that: each streaming service’s market share on major platforms In the United States in the third quarter of 2023. It’s an ideal way to find out which is the best streaming platform right now.

And the king of streaming…

The figures shared by the JustWatch analysis do not detail major changes compared to previous studies. But there is significant growth across most of the major platforms. Now, Amazon Prime Video It holds the leadership with 22% market share and 1% growth compared to the previous quarter. For your part, AppleTV+ It had a 7 percent market share.

List showing market share and growth percentage of major streaming platforms:


Market share of major streaming services from JustWatch

  • 1. Amazon Prime Video: 22% (+1%)
  • 2.Netflix: 21% (+1%)
  • 3.Max: 15%
  • 4.Disney+: 12% (-1%)
  • 5. On Hulu: %11th
  • 6. Paramount+: 8% (+1%)
  • 7.Apple TV+: 7% (+1%)
  • 8. Others: 4% (-3%)

It should be noted that the work performed by JustWatch only involves the viewing of streaming content in the United States. Figures for platforms like Netflix, Disney+ and Apple TV+ should be much higher in other countries like Spain.

However, considering Breadth and diversity of the market in a region as large as the United StatesThis data gives us a very precise idea of ​​what might be the best streaming service internationally for TV series, movies and documentaries.


Netflix remains at the top despite recent controversies

Additionally, it is worth noting that The extent of Netflix’s dominance After losing a large number of subscribers following the password sharing ban that came into effect in early 2023.

Apple TV+ entered 2019 with a small collection of original content in its catalog. Since then, its growth has been exponential. However, it is still far below other streaming platforms because Apple prefers to focus its efforts on delivering highly produced contentPrioritizing quality over quantity.

The next big additions to the Apple TV+ catalog will be Martin Scorsese’s ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ and Ridley Scott’s ‘Napoleon.’ The service can be used for the following purposes: 6.99 euros Once a month after the 7-day trial period.

Source: i Padizate

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